Porsche 911 Turbo 996tt Black 2003


Porsche 911 996 turbo black 2003

Porsche 911 Turbo

Finally –  my dream car…. May not be for most and some may want or have more… but for me, My Porsche is my happy spot.

When I was twelve I had posters on my wall of mostly boats. Formula, Cigarette, Apache and Magnum were the big time Vee bottoms of the day. No chics, just mostly boats.. And one car….. The Porsche 911 Turbo.

I used to study the lines on that care with an obsession. the curves, the way the light came off the fenders. On the turbo the intakes and wondered where the air really goes. The big wide stance of the turbo and the beef of the tires under her rear. Read more »

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BMW-GTL-K1600 Motorcycle

My new GTL 1600 BMW

GTL 1600 Resting

I have been riding motorcycles most of my adult life. My first bike was a Honda 400 for mode of cheap transportation to work then I moved through the crotch rocket stage with Hayabusa and FZ1 then into the high horse power v twin yamahas. I built a Warrior that was very angry and fun to ride especially eating Harleys that thought they had the guts to keep up. Vrods on a plate were my Warriors favorite dinner. In 04 I moved into Goldwing GL 1800  for my wife and I to ride comfortably 2 up. then traded that for an 06′ Goldwing GL 1800. Loved these bikes both of them. Enjoyed the CB, Stereo, upright seating ect.. Read more »

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It’s a Jeep Thing Rubicon Unlimited Build

Jeep Rubicon Unlimited JK

It’s a Jeep Rubicon Thing

It’s a Jeep Thing

I have had some form of a Jeep around me for some time. Love the way they just do everything well and they just look cool. This little blog is about my Jeep Rubicon Unlimited JK build I did on the summer of 2011.

My wife and I bought our first Jeep together last summer. We found a 2002 Wrangler Sport TJ on the side of the road in Lakeland Florida and it was perfect.. We drove it all last year but she wanted something a bit more friend and hard top friendly Jeep wise.

Read more »

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