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It’s a Jeep Thing Rubicon Unlimited Build

Posted by on July 9, 2011
Jeep Rubicon Unlimited JK

It’s a Jeep Rubicon Thing

It’s a Jeep Thing

I have had some form of a Jeep around me for some time. Love the way they just do everything well and they just look cool. This little blog is about my Jeep Rubicon Unlimited JK build I did on the summer of 2011.

My wife and I bought our first Jeep together last summer. We found a 2002 Wrangler Sport TJ on the side of the road in Lakeland Florida and it was perfect.. We drove it all last year but she wanted something a bit more friend and hard top friendly Jeep wise.

This year I was looking at getting a new Porsche. For many reasons cost being one of them I though i would get more smiles out of a new Jeep Unlimited 4 door Rubicon. I was right.

We purchased a New Jeep Rubicon JK 2011.

Jeep Rubicon Unlimited JK

As I did my research I wanted to lift it, put some meat under it in 35’s with bumpers and what nots..I test drove the automatic 3.8 litre and was unimpressed. So, a stick or manual was in my future.

I first went to Key West Jeep Duncan. Met a guy named Dave, he was a our sales guy and he allowed me to test the automatic transmission Jeep. hated the Jeep but really liked him. If you are in Key West and need a good Jeep Sales guy, he is VERY knowledgable.

We found two manual trans in Miami. I HATE buying a car in Miami but we went non the less. The dealer was actually pretty damn good and the sales guy was not a typical scum bag. We figured about 8% off of MSRP was the best deal we were going to get as we had spoken to friends in the business that said there is little markup on that Jeep. After some work we got the deal we wanted (two hours of games) and off we went to the 4 x 4 shop that would do the stage two Jeep Rubicon Dream Catcher transition.

4 Wheel Parts in Miami gardens was the bomb. Mike is the manager¬†and this guy bent over backwards to help us. Lots of knowledge and the guys working in the back were very talented as well. Every time I went back there someone was doing something creative and working. Cant say they are the tidiest shop I have ever been in but… they certainly knew their stuff and were EXTREMELY flexible. We did my Jeep Rubicon JK upgrades in three steps over three days. Each time Mike and his crew were tight on time with completion as they said they would be. Ordering custom parts and what nots was easy for our Jeep.

Jeep Rubicon Performance

Before the 4 inch lift and tires I was getting about 18 mpg  for the 20 miles I put on this rig on the Miami highways. After the lift, tires and over head light bar I am getting about 14.5. Not a bad trade for the look. Manual is the way to go. 6th gear I am still gaining speed at 60 so there is some power there. Shift to 5th and the sky is the limit. the Rubicon Unlimited comes with 4:10 gears so I left the Jeep with that.

Our Jeep is about 11% off on speed. that may get fixed when we install the chip, if they ever get it posted for the Jeep.

Pro Comp tires and Moto Metal rims with XRC bumpers front and back with XRC winch and Pro comp 4 inch lift on my Jeep Rubicon and it looks awesome and drives incredible. I am VERY impressed with this Jeep.

Have to say the Pro Comp MT were a bit noisy to me at first.. (i have been driving my M5 BMW all week while Jeep is being worked on) After 100 miles all good. You can hear them but not terrible and definitely not barking dogs Jeep style.

Any questions email me


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