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BMW-GTL-K1600 Motorcycle

Posted by on November 26, 2011

My new GTL 1600 BMW

GTL 1600 Resting

I have been riding motorcycles most of my adult life. My first bike was a Honda 400 for mode of cheap transportation to work then I moved through the crotch rocket stage with Hayabusa and FZ1 then into the high horse power v twin yamahas. I built a Warrior that was very angry and fun to ride especially eating Harleys that thought they had the guts to keep up. Vrods on a plate were my Warriors favorite dinner. In 04 I moved into Goldwing GL 1800  for my wife and I to ride comfortably 2 up. then traded that for an 06′ Goldwing GL 1800. Loved these bikes both of them. Enjoyed the CB, Stereo, upright seating ect..

It was time for me to check out some new stuff and then I saw the New BMW GTL 1600. I had to have one. Also owning a BMW 335i then a BMW M5 I knew BMEr had it together with technology and fun to drive so I had to get one the high HP jobs and mix it with 2 up cruising and all the amenities of my Goldwings.

Test drove a GTL 1600 at dealership and ordered one.

BMW 1600 GTL in the mountains

I got my new GTL 1600, from Ft Myers BMW. Its what they call the White Owel series in color. There are only two colors for 12′ Blue and metallic grey.. I prefer black on my bikes but the grey its nice.. It was the day before I was setting out to go to the Blue Ridge for my annual ride with my dad and Wife through the moutons of Western NC and Tenn.

My bike came pretty loaded with GPS and all the standards that make this machine so incredible. This platform is a great start for a fun ride. I also got the Shcuberth helmets with the C3 System that has blue tooth connectivity to the bike, helmet to helmet, GPS and my iPhone.

Picked the bike up in Ft Myers and rode it to Lakeland Fla in my first twist of the throttle, about 100 miles give or take. I Ran into rain at Bartow and the bike imediatly showed its stuff. Stopping power on slick was amazing, the ABS worked really well and now I am a believer.

This Motorcycle has several traction and suspension settings. Each a noticeable difference from the other and work amazing.

In the moutons I put on about 900 miles in about 10 days of good and bad weather. Each ride was better than the next. I never once missed my Goldwing especially in handling and the turns. I ran the Snake on 421 and the Dragons tail. great in the twists the motorcycles only limitation when set in sport mode is my nerve to keep twisting the throttle. I learned very quickly that this motorcycle is made for a rider much more ballsy than I so, it gives me room to grow.

Fit.. I am 6 ft 5 inches tall. The saddle is perfect for my height and legs feel great. I have a 36 inseam and considered a Tall rider. Handle bars are set just right and don’t give me the pain between my shoulders that the Goldwings did. Seat is comfy and very accommodation to my non iron butt. Controls and buttons are extremely well placed but took much time to get used to finding all the features and using them like second nature (I am a little slow). GPS is easy to read in MOST light. High Sun at your back is a bit of a challenge. Feet on the ground this motorcycle is SUPER light and well behaved I don’t get the feeling it will fall over if I am slightly off balance, again like the wing.

Performance. Well, it has tons of power, its built by BMW its freaking fast. I tell people that ask me all the time  about the bike. “Its like someone took a crotch rocket sport motorcycle and shoved it up the ass of a GoldWing and gave it the ride and performance of a big track bike. 160 something HP 6 speed and whoa my god.. The best thing to do if your getting one is leave it in RAIN traction mode for the first 100 miles till you get used to the Digital Throttle. Keep you hooked up through the learning curve.
The Fuel economy so far in the mountains was about 52 in rain mode and 48 in sport with just me. With my wife and me driving like a normal person I got 47. Here in town and going to work everyday I get about 42.

The bad Parts..— Bike looks cool rides better than they say but….

The gears sound like they are coming out of the box. Loud and clunky. I guess its a BMW trait. No problems just a little annoying, I cannot hear it in my full face helmet. It seems to be getting better but I might not be noticing it.

The sound system through blue tooth SUCKS. I can play tunes from my IPHONe just fine sounds fabulous.. but front eh bike FM, Sat, aux its crap.. Hope they fix it.. Sounds all scratchy..

The Shuberth Helmets are LOUD,,, wind noise loud.. Anoying..

Thats about it for what I have noticed.. Love the bike and will keep it even with the minor issues.

If you are a GL 1800 Goldwing person thinking about this bike. Get it if you want to feel a bit more aggressive on the road and last longer in the saddle. I will never go back till Goldwing does a MAJOR refit.

Thanks for reading thats my story about my GTL 1600 BMW if you want to ask me questions.. email me.


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