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About The Dr.

Capt. Steven Lamp Key West Fishing Guide

Capt. Steven Lamp AKA Dr. Catcher holds up a Key West bonefish.

Capt. Steven P. Lamp A.K.A. Dr. Catcher

LOL Who am I?

Really, I am not sure these days. I mean, I know where I come from and I guess that would best help the reader understand who I am. But the simple question Who Am I? is incredibly daunting..

I am a Husband, Captain, Photographer, Videographer, Veteran, Waterman, Diver, Boater, Biker, Web Builder, SEO Expert, Boat Builder, Consultant, Marketing Engineer, Business Owner x 3, Homeowner, Pet Owner, Mechanic, Fishing Guide, Angler, Fly Fishing Guide, Fly Fishing Angler, Mental Enthusiast, Promotional Expert, Positive Thinking Guide and Health Coach.

Hmm, thats allot and yet still to this day, I still feel the need for more. There are so many things to explore out there and so little time in life to get in just a small percentage of it. I enjoy discovery, no matter how large or how small, my thirst for learning is overwhelming. In my life I have been fortunate to have been exposed to so many experts in various fields and I plan on writing about each one of them in this blog.

I come from West Central Florida a place called Seminole, located in Pinellas County near St Petersburg. I am a single child and was born with a correctable birth defect that I believe was the beginning of my individualism and  extremely strong will. Moving around allot after the age of 8 helped me in my ability to adapt and over come no matter the surroundings.

In and out of private – public schooling diversified my understanding of society and income differences growing up. Making our way back to St. Petersburg Florida, graduating from High School at the highest level of education I will achieve.

After High School I then went into the Coast Guard for many incredible experiences in heavy weather offshore search and rescue teaching me more about being more particular with my performance as a human being. My Coast Guard duty kept me in Cape Hatteras NC for my entire tour, they called it the Graveyard Of The Atlantic.

All through school and service, surfing, boating and scuba/free diving was my extended activities basically never a moment off the water unless I was sleeping, eating or maintaing boats.

My job history started in the early eighties while in high school working on St. Pete Beach teaching sailing, wind surfing, managing beach rentals, para-sailing and water skiing. I went back to this briefly after my time in the Coast Guard and messed around with fast boats. At night I worked in various places to help make ends meet most notably at a home for the developmentally challenged, here I learned more about people than anywhere else I have been.

Moving to the Keys in the Early 90’s working wherever I could to get my dreams of becoming a commercial diver – spear fisherman to transpire I had some ups and lots of downs and learned a bunch.  I started Dream Catcher Charters as a fun family fishing, diving, snorkeling get out on the water charter service, never really had a ton of customers but it was a great start. In 1993 things shifted gears a bit and a new career path as a fishing guide was chosen after almost losing my right leg to a barracuda attack when diving. Working in Key West for a water sports company diving took a back seat and my charter service was focus.

In 1995 this thing called the internet was all the rage, it was supposed to be the wave of the future for people to communicate, web sites would be like brochures on your computer, email would allow us to send mail and not walk to the mailbox. Pretty Cool huh?

My first year as a professional fishing guide I pulled 240 trips with the help of local hotels, concierge, and the Saltwater Angler, then called the Key West angler. They kept me booked non stop as a flats fishing guide. Since then my company Dream Catcher Charters has prospered. At the time of this writing we have 8 boats and employ 6 fishing guides full time.

The views and opinions in this blog are mine and mine alone. They come from a lifetime of study in many different areas.  You may not agree with what I say here and thats what puts the flavor in life are peoples differences, please feel free to express your opinions in a constructive way that all of us can learn from.

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