Arrogance On The Water

Man can lay stake on many things. Things he buys, things he has, and some even try to own the woman they are with. None of these really affect anyone around them.

It’s when a man, just a man, tries to lay stake or claim on a piiece of water to have for himself. Not a secret spot, not a secluded area that is tucked away that no one may ever find.. but a fishing spot that was fished the way he fishes it generations before he got there.

I guess when a man realizes he cannot own or control his woman he wants to try and control others around him.

The other day I was speaking with a newer flats fishing guide that has really taken a hold of guiding. Very concerned about not making waves in the business and fishing spots of his own. Nice guy and I might add has done a very good job with the trips we have thrown his way.

He needed some advice. He came to me and told me that another fishing guide told him not to fish a certain spot. That fishing that spot would put the fish down and make it less productive for him when he decided to fish it. After I laiughed for a few minutes I asked him if he was serious. Went through the line of questioning and made sure he did not run somone over with bad edicate.

This spot is widely known to MANY for being productive and like any spot, first come first served. Its in the beginners book of fly fishing for tarpon West of Key West..

My advice to him was to tell this other fishing guide to get up sooner and beat you there. NO ONE owns the water or tells me how to fish it, and the absolute worse thing this pompas ass hole can say to me is that Its His Spot.

There are many very talented flats fishing guides in Key West some could be legendary status if they were not such little pricks. They lay in mystery using the same colored boats so one cannot be told from another. They will run up a line of fish on a plane to tell you that you are the problem. They get all excited and cuss at you through their head mask while you have clients on your boat as if to prove some sort of dominance or maybe establishing their intelligence, so that you and who ever is on your boat with you has no question what you are dealing with. All the while they are yelling as you watch the fish roll in their wake.

I personally have seen these guys completely berate a recreational boater that went astray purely on accident. Showing their ignorance instead of trying to share some needed local knowledge. Do ya really think yelling at him that he just ran over your fish, he is gonna care after he just ran aground? thats just brilliant.

Over reaction gets you no where. It just makes you less effective as a person. get over yourself and realize that there are more people here to fish and enjoy this fabulous resource just as well as you do. More than you and your six buddies that think you are all Gods.

thinking you own Gods creation is really stupid. Telling others they cannot, should not, fish it is just arrogance. Get over yourselves.

I guess after 18 years of guiding I have finally had enough. I am looking forward to fishing more days on the flats. Sounds like it might get fun.

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The Kraken

A legendary sea monster of gargantuan size.

Release The Kraken

Release The Kraken

My wife was walking out of the house one day when she and I were engaged in a conversation about our future plans for business. She said, “So, we will release the Kraken”… Based on the movie Clash Of The Titans.

It was funny at first but when we sat to think about it.. Accurate. many must think what we do is like this huge ugly sea monster that no one can do anything about.. Well, like all ugly beasts there are many that want to take it down and we go without exception.

The Kraken – 0-110.

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Apple wireless keyboard and Ipad

My Apple wireless Keyboard – this thing is the bomb.

If you read on to another post that I put us yesterday the Menotek was a first shot to get a wireless keyboard that would fit in my little man purse that I carry my ipad in. the Menotek was crap…

I just got and am typing with my new Apple Woreless keyboard that hooks up to my ipad with wireless connection and I am living the dream. fast, easy and travel able.

Thank god for Amazon Prime and fast shipping for only 3.00 and I got my new Apple Keyboard wireless that hooked up in minutes and I am off and typing as fast as I do on my main frame machine in my office..

Very cool. Hats off to Apple and Amazon. I cant believe I am a Amazon junky… thought that was for fat ladies with a shopping habit.

Lol.. shoe fits..

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