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Porsche 911 Turbo 996 TT

Porsche 911 996 turbo black 2003

Porsche 911 Turbo

Finally – my dream car…. May not be for most and some may want or have more… but for me, My Porsche is my happy spot.

When I was twelve I had posters on my wall of mostly boats. Formula, Cigarette, Apache and Magnum were the big time Vee bottoms of the day. No chics, just mostly boats.. And one car….. The Porsche 911 Turbo.

I used to study the lines on that care with an obsession. the curves, the way the light came off the fenders. On the turbo the intakes and wondered where the air really goes. The big wide stance of the turbo and the beef of the tires under her rear. As I got older the design changed. I did not get into the semantics of better or worse it was still a 911. At the age of 43 I have always had one on my wall or in a screen saver and definitely in the back of my mind. Only one color… Black… Saved, saved and saved some more. I often told people that for all the alcohol I did not drink in my life I saved about 80,000.00 over my adult drinking age based on several factors. So there was my car money…. right?

Well, this year, the year of my 44th birthday and the last year of a 25% increase in my charter business making a full 100% over 5 years ago my car guy found me my Dream Car. Or, one that I could afford.

She is a 911 turbo 996tt 2003. She had 8800 miles on her when my car guy found her in a collectors garage in Orlando. I had to have it. So, we pulled the trigger and bought it. Perfect shape mechanically and cosmetically for the exception of a chip on the bumper. Still had original tires too. (those were replaced).

I will never forget the first 10 minutes in that car. I went from my car guys location in North Tampa to go have lunch with my dad and my car guy at an Out Back steak house in Odessa Florida. Me and my 9 year old Porsche were welded together like steel and from that moment on I knew I had finally made it to “happy” after all the cars I had owned before. The one mile drive to the restaurant was like a victory lap of sorts for my life. I finally, in my mind, had it all.

I could hardly sit still at lunch with my dad. Always peaking out the window of the Outback to see if it was real. I was thinking and have thought many times since, everyone should feel this at least once in their life. I will never forget it.

My Car guy is Daryk LeVassure. He owns Any Car Usa. this guy has helped me purchase all my new and used vehicles since 1999. Always getting the best price by huge margins on any vehicle we have ever wanted.. 2 BMW’s, 1 Porsche, 4 Denalis, 1 GMC Duramax, 1 Jeep JK, 1 Pontiac Solstice. I will never go anywhere else. Call him if you are in the market for anything, new or used and especially hard to find.. 1-727-224-6884