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Pro Comp A/T Tires Review Buyer Beware

Jeep Rubicon Unlimited

Pro Comp Tires from 4 wheel parts buyer beware.

I had a set of Pro Comp A/T tires on my Jeep Rubicon Unlimited. When I first had the Pro Comp tires installed they were a decent ride, felt heavy but not super noisy, not any more than can be expected. As the Pro Comps wore on they progressively got noisier even after rotating the tires every 5000 miles. This was getting more and more annoying as the tread life was actually quite good and lasting longer than I expected.. By 18,000 miles I was so annoyed with these tires that I HAD to dump them.

One day I was standing outside one of the marinas I go to for business and the head mechanic came out and said, Hey is that your jeep? Yes it is I replied. He went on to say – I notice you are running Pro Comp AT tires on it, how do you like them. I said, well I thought that the Pro Comps are pretty noisy and felt very bumpy even after a few rotations through tire life. I went further to tell him that I had my Jeep alignment done twice to try and fix the scalloping that the tires were getting but the alignment guys said everything was fine and it was the Pro Comp Tires that are inherent to this effect. My Mechanic went on to tell me that I should get rid of the Pro Comp tires. They were not safe and all the tires he has had and seen from Pro Comp were having same issue.

Just Google Pro Comp – 4 Wheel Parts – buyer beware. 

I bought my Pro Comp tires at 4 Wheel Parts in Miami. They swore up and down that they are the best. I get it now after reading many complaints about these tires that 4 wheel parts is “in bed” with the people who make Pro Comp everything. There are law suits filed about the failure of these tires and damages that resulted.

I just wanted to post that these tires were terrible and I would NEVER buy again let alone tell anyone else to buy a set of Pro Comp tires from 4 wheel parts or anywhere..

I have since purchased a set of HanKook tires and so far very happy.. – 500 miles yet.

Happy Jeepin.